The Patch Rebel Story

The PatchRebel as Florida State President of the AMVETS Riders started out selling tee shirts from the back of his motorcycle (somewhere there’s a picture of the PatchRebel riding with a bag of shirts on his bike). During this time the PatchRebel was working as a contract engineer for various companies.

The mission was to raise money to help American Veterans Programs. The PatchRebel went on AMVETS and other Poker Runs to support their causes and promote AMVETS Programs. During this time the PatchRebel and other Florida AMVETS Officers and Riders were working hard to raise money to support veteran causes by selling shirts.

One day while at a friend’s house he suggested the PatchRebel go into the Embroidered Patch Business. All the while the PatchRebel was still working with the AMVETS. The National AMVETS Riders Executive Board noted that they needed a new National Quartermaster and voted to make the PatchRebel the Quartermaster. With one machine and a bunch of orders the PatchRebel with a lot of help from his friends Lynn and his wife Martha began making patches and embroidered shirts for the AMVETS Riders, other Rider groups and the general Biker Community.

None of this could have been possible without the support of all of my friends and customers who trust me to make “Good Ole American Made Patches”.